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Whiplash Injuries

Relief for Auto Accident Victims

Do you need to see a doctor?

Delaying medical attention after a car accident can lead to permanent injuries. How do you know if that includes you?

What is Whiplash?

While whiplash is most often linked to car accidents, it can also occur after a slip and fall or fromplaying sports. What exactly is it?

Should you get a lawyer?

You’ve seen the advertisements on TV, the sides of buses and all over the radio. Do you need an attorney?

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The ABC’s of Whiplash

From “Acceleration/Deceleration Injury” to “Zygapopheseal Joint”, learn the terms you’ll need to know after your Motor Vehivle Collision (MVC).

Best Types of Treatment for Whiplash Injuries

Treating whiplash injuries requires special knowledge of the mechanism of whiplash injuries as well as how to effectively treat the many different areas of the body injured in accelerration/deceleration accidents.

Latest News

Find out everything you need to know about whiplash injuries in Denver and how to treat them.

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Car Accident Pain and Whiplash Treatment

In 2020, 588 people died in car accidents in Colorado with many more needing car accident pain and whiplash treatment. Motor vehicle collisions are stressful as well as emotionally and[…]

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How Long Do I Have To File A Claim After A Car Accident?

How long do you have to file a claim in Colorado? The simplest answer to this question is of course, as soon as possible after your accident. However, in Colorado,[…]

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whiplash doctor

What Type Of Doctor Should I See After A Car Accident?

Car accidents more accurately called motor vehicle collisions (MVC), can cause injuries that range from “bumps and bruises” to life-threatening injuries. People often ask “What type of doctor should I[…]

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