5 Ways to Prevent Whiplash Injuries

Treatment for your whiplash and car accident injuries

5 Ways to Prevent Whiplash Injuries

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There were over 500 traffic fatalities in Colorado in 2019 and thousands of injuries. While we can’t always prevent an accident, here are 5 ways to prevent whiplash injuries.

Air Bags and Seat Belts: Airbags and seat belts have been standard features in cars and trucks for over 20 years. It’s estimated that air bags alone have saved more than 30,000 lives. Keep your vehicle in good condition and follow up on any recalls or updates for safety devices in your vehicle. And of course, WEAR your seat belt!

Headrest Height: It is very important that you adjust your headrest properly. Ensure your headrest is high enough to keep the base of your skull from from sliding over the top in an accident. You should also keep your head within 3 to 4 inches of the headrest while driving. Reducing the space between your head and headrest helps reduce the risk of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion.

Research shows that most whiplash injuries in Denver occur from rear-end collisions.

Seat Back Position: Seat back position can either reduce OR increase your risk of injury in an accident. Seats positioned too far forward can increase the risk of concussion or TBI. Reclining your seat too much can also cause the back of the head to slide over the top of the head rest. This can increase the risk of neck injury by

Body Size of Vehicle Occupants: The size of the occupants involved in a car accident can also have an effect on the seriousness of their injuries. People with larger frames experience less severe injuries than those with smaller frames. Smaller frames have less muscle mass to support and stabilize the cervical spine during an accident. If you are smaller in stature, strengthening the muscles in the neck and back can help minimize your injuries.

Inattentive Driving: Drivers texting, playing with the radio, or just talking on the phone, will be involved in an accident. It is just a matter of time. When driving, put your phone on silent, keep your eyes on the road, don’t speed, and focus on one task. Safely driving your vehicle from point A to B.

Please use these 5 ways to prevent whiplash injuries. If you or a loved one are involved in an auto accident, contact our preferred providers for a FREE Auto Accident Injury Evaluation!


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