6 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Denver

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6 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Denver

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We’ve all driven past the scene of a car accident in Denver. If you don’t see an accident as it happens, it’s easy to assume it was just “bad driving”. Below are 6 most common causes of car accidents in Denver. Don’t become one of the 40,000 people that die in a car accident every year.Even though cars become safer every year, tens of thousands of people are killed in auto accidents every year. In fact, over 40,000 people in the U.S. died in auto accidents every year from 2016 to 2018). Below is a list of the most common cause of car accidents in Denver.

A 2008 study by researchers at the University of Michigan looked at over 6,000 car crashes to determine the cause of each crash. Researchers also conducted studies using accelerometers, sonar, as well as sensors and video to track drivers actions. The drivers that volunteered for these studies were also occasionally involved in accidents, providing valuable data.

1. Failure to Come to a Full Stop at a Red Light or Stop Sign

Imagine you’re approaching a red light and you’re going to make a right turn. You slow down but don’t come to a full stop. As you roll through the intersection and look to your left to check oncoming traffic, someone begins to cross the intersection. Since you’re looking the other way, this is obviously a recipe for disaster.

When rolling through an intersection we are focusing on oncoming traffic from one direction while driving in another. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Failure to stop during a right turn results in 6 percent of all vehicle / pedestrian deaths. Even worse, 21 percent of the these deaths are children. Even at low speeds, children are four times as likely as adults to be killed in these types of accidents.

2. Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Driving studies estimate that roughly 7 percent of all car crashes, and 21 percent of all fatal crashes, happen because of sleepy drivers. Research suggests that 37 percent of drivers have fallen asleep while driving at least one time in their life, 11 percent in the past year, and 4 percent in the last month!

Why does this happen? Overworked schedules, sick kids keeping us up late, and hundreds of other reasons prevent us from getting enough sleep. We are all also vulnerable to periods of “micro sleep”. A microsleep is a temporary episode of sleep lasting from a fraction of a second to 30 seconds.

3. Losing Control of Your Vehicle

It may be hard to imagine but losing control of your vehicle is responsible for 1 in 10 motor vehicle collisions (MVC). A study published by the Association for Psychological Science showed that half of all drivers rank themselves in the top 20 percent of driver safety and skill.

Aggressive driving and taking turns too sharply caused approximately 5 percent of all crashes while 2 percent occur when falling to slow for water on the road.

Unexpected occurrences resulting from other drivers or obstacles in the road cause the remainder of MVCs.

4. Failure to Respect Blind Spots

Making a left turn at an intersection with a blocked view, going through a red light, or driving too fast cause another 12 percent of vehicle accidents.

5. Rear End Accidents

Not hitting the car in front of you is a pretty simple rule, yet 1 in 4 car accidents in Denver are rear end accidents.

Driving to closely to the car in front of you will not get you where you’re going faster. On average, zig-zagging through traffic saves just 26 seconds a day. We also expect the driver in front of us to be an attentive driver that won’t unexpectedly slow down or change lanes.

All of which increases the chance of a rear end accident.

6. Distracted Driving

“Stay in your own lane” is another seldom used but simple rule. A third of all car crashes in Denver happen because we don’t stay in our own lane or even on the road. This is the most common cause of car accidents in Denver.

Cell phones, billboards, playing with the radio, and simply not paying attention are all causes of this type of accident. Humans are not natural performers when it comes to keeping an eye on much of anything and even less so when asked to attend to several things at once

And if You’ve Already Been in an Accident?

Beware of the 6 most common causes of car accidents in Denver. Don’t become one of the 40,000 people that die in a car accident every year.

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