The Truth About Seat Belt Use in Denver

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The Truth About Seat Belt Use in Denver

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You may be old enough to remember when when wearing a seat belt was an option and not the law. Now, it’s not only the law in most states, our cars will even remind us to put one on if we forget. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 90 people die each day in the US from car crashes. The 3 major risk factors for car crash deaths in Denver are speeding, drunk driving and failure to wear seat belts or properly use car seats or booster seats. As simple as it is to “buckle up”, MILLIONS of people fail to do so. Here are the truths and myths about seat belt use.

Even though deaths from auto accidents dropped 2% from 2018 to 2019, 642 people died on Colorado roads and highways.

Many people claim to have many reasons NOT to wear a seat belt, here’s why they’re wrong.

MYTH: Seat belts are uncomfortable and can restrict your movement and your ability to operate a vehicle.

REALITY: Car seats and seat belts today can be adjusted in many ways for body size.

MYTH: “Good drivers don’t need seat belts.”

REALITY: You can’t control the other cars on the road and as corny as it sounds, accidents happen.

MYTH: “Airbags will protect me, I don’t need my seat belt.”

REALITY: Airbags are designed to work WITH seat belts and may not help in the event of a roll-over crash.

MYTH: “Bracing for impact, we’ll be enough.”

REALITY: Research shows that whiplash injuries can begin to occur faster than our brains can react to it.

MYTH: Being thrown from the vehicle is safer than being inside it.

REALITY: In fact, the chances for survival after being ejected from a vehicle are extremely low.

In short, when driving in Denver, always wear a seat belt. In your car, your friends car, even your Uber. And, if you do experience a collision, the injuries you incur will definitely be less severe than those suffered without a seat belt. Now that you know the truths and myths about seat belt use, be sure to buckle up!

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