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Treatment for your whiplash and car accident injuries

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Car Accident Pain and Whiplash Treatment

In 2020, 588 people died in car accidents in Colorado with many more needing car accident pain and whiplash treatment. Motor vehicle collisions are stressful as well as emotionally and financially burdensome. Because many people that have been in a car crash (more accurately called a motor vehicle collision) don’t experience symptoms immediately after their…
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5 Ways to Prevent Whiplash Injuries

There were over 500 traffic fatalities in Colorado in 2019 and thousands of injuries. While we can’t always prevent an accident, here are 5 ways to prevent whiplash injuries. Air Bags and Seat Belts: Airbags and seat belts have been standard features in cars and trucks for over 20 years. It’s estimated that air bags…
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4 Reasons to Use Chiropractic After Your Accident

Driving home you stop at a red light and before you know it… POW! Maybe you see it coming, maybe you don’t. Either way, you’ve probably just suffered a whiplash injury (also called a cervical acceleration / deceleration injury). Whiplash can cause the following symptoms: Neck pain and stiffness, worse with neck movement Sub occipital…
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6 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Denver

We’ve all driven past the scene of a car accident in Denver. If you don’t see an accident as it happens, it’s easy to assume it was just “bad driving”. Below are 6 most common causes of car accidents in Denver. Don’t become one of the 40,000 people that die in a car accident every…
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